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Here's What You Need to Know:

1. You are hiring a PRO- By pro I mean many years of experience in corporate event photography, headshots and many other projects. I've shot it all, the big & the small.

2. You'll be working with a nice, easy-going, approachable photographer with a focus on giving you the best product possible. Period.

3. Delivery-on time! We know you need to feed those social media sites to keep your finger on the pulse. Quick turn-around is priority.

4. A photographer who keeps up with the latest gear and post process tools and software to get you the sharpest and most dynamic images possible.

5. Word of Mouth=Work Hard for You. No fancy ads to market this business. Just a focus on shooting pictures and servicing the client. YOU.

6. Donuts are the best food on the planet :)


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